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MultiGames™ MLT Coin

The best investment !!!

MultiGames will use the funds raised to leverage the token's value

Ready to use B2B White Label Online Casino Service Ethereum based, Try It !
Allows people to play globally anonymously
Monetization Platform for New Generation games, like role, skill and others

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Crowdsale is Live / ICO ends in:

MultiGames Service Description

Service's Customers

Land Casinos

Mobile Phone recharging networks


Government, Lotteries

Gaming Operators

Business Model

Platform As A Service Mode.
The Customer pays a Setup Fee.
After 2 USA's working days have the site operational under his own domain and brand.
The Customer pays Multigames the 30% of the net sales.
Multigames invoices from the USA and gets paid in a USA's bank account.

Credit's Sales Modes

How Credits can be sold and paid to the Users

Casino's Cashier

The credits are buyed and paid at the Casino's cashiers, like the regular gaming does.

Prepaid Card 

You can generate prepaid cards batches, real or virtual.


Credit Reseller dealers with user's network.

Credit Cards

Provided you have the proper merchant account from any jurisdiction the Users can recharge online.

User's Registration

How the Users can get access to the service


The User is registered by Casino personnel or can self registered at a kiosk


The Dealer or reseller with networking registers the User

Self Registration

The User gets the Online Casino URL and self register online


100+ different games
Single and Multi User
Live to own or 3rd party tables
Multiplatform, mobile phones, tablets, PCs
Multisource, integrates 3rd party games
Customizable User Exprience, Pay Table, Bonuses, Jackpots, etc


Administrative web access for the Customer


Unlimited Accounts and Games


Double entry accounting system


Built in fraud control


Can U.S. or Hong Kong citizens participate in the token sale event?

No, residents of the United States can't participate in the MLT tokens distribution because of the US laws.
You can participate in the MLT ICO if you are neither a Hong Kong or U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States, nor have a primary residence or domicile in the United States, including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and any other territories of the United States. 

What kind of escrow will you use during the ICO?

According to the investing method selected, the MLT tokens will be issued automatically via Ethereum smart contract or in a new Wallet Address provided by Multigames.
The Crowdsale/ICO smart contract code on Etherscan is public and available for audit by anyone.

Will tokens be available on the exchanges after the ICO ends?

Yes, we are now preparing all required documents to be added to several exchanges.

Which wallet should I use to store MULTIGAMES tokens?

MULT is an ERC20 token issued on Ethereum blockchain.
Token holders can easily store and manage their MLT tokens using existing Ethereum clients including official Ethereum wallets like MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist or Ledger (hardware wallet).


July - 2017

Multigames Crypto Launched

The beta service launched

January 8  to February 28, 2018

Crowdsale / ICO

April 1st - 2018

Multigames Cryto Service Launched

The service goes to producion mode


Experienced, globally minded professionals

Eduardo Chapeta


Ignacio Munarriz


Ricardo Espeche


Omar Hraste


Spin Offs


Marcelo T. de Alvear 30, 10A 
5000, Cordoba